10 travel directions to know if you want to be a real traveler

Many of us love travelling, visiting new places and discover their secrets. Check 10 travel directions to know if you want to be a real traveler.

Many people tend to actively nod along and respond affirmatively each time somebody asks if they like going abroad. Therefore the majority think of themselves as experienced travelers depending on how many countries one has visited. But there’s a difference between tourists that just love spending their vacations in some exotic country and real travelers who are crazy about exploring new countries, discovering new cultures and getting to know new people all over the world.

  1. Respect the culture

10 travel directions to know if you want to be a real traveler

Our world is so beautiful in its diversity. Remember that when you’re visiting a foreign country. You may be impressive to find out that it’s not appreciated by locals if a woman wears shorts and something with a deep neckline. ‘How is that even possible if it’s 50 degrees Celsius outside?’ you may wonder. Or ‘Look! How can they eat with their hands, without using any utensils?’ That is right, this’s exactly why you should do some research in advance. Keep in mind that you’re only a visitor, so show your respect by being closer to the locals and their traditions.

  1. Ask for permission before taking photos of someone

This is a good way to express your consideration and respect for the local people. In some cultures, being photographed means losing a small part of your soul, while in other places they expect to be tipped after you take a picture. So do not be offended if some street dancer or a rider on the back of an exotic animal in funny costume refuses to be photographed. Just accept it: back in your country you can experience the same thing.

  1. Learn a couple of basic phrases in their language

10 travel directions to know if you want to be a real traveler

Even if you’re having a hard time pronouncing them, try your best. When you’re in a foreign country there’s nothing more terrible than being unable to communicate about elementary things since you don’t know a word of their language. Plus, don’t be embarrassed because locals will definitely appreciate your awkward efforts trying to say things like ‘hi’, ‘please’ and ‘thanks.’ It’s one of the most important travel tips you have to know.

  1. Consider staying with a host family

10 travel directions to know if you want to be a real traveler

Nothing can be compared to living with a host family when it comes to getting to know their culture and traditions. And no matter where you are, homemade food is hands-down the best. Stay with a host family for some days and you’ll get a real understanding of the country, and plus you’ll get a whole family as new friends.

  1. Be spontaneous

Even if you think you’ve planned everything perfectly, something still might get in the way of your dream trip. Don’t try to stick to your plan in every step you make, be a little more spontaneous. If you feel like doing something or going some places that is not on your list, do it! There is no such thing as ‘must-do’ or ‘must-see’ when you are traveling. Plans can be really boring and you have a limited amount of time, so enjoy it to the fullest.

  1. Get lost somewhere… It’s so much fun!

10 travel directions to know if you want to be a real traveler

Seriously, try to forget about the route, put the city map in your backpack and just keep walking! You can find yourself in an unknown place but it will be fun. Just remember that everything will be alright. Take this great opportunity to explore the city and the secrets it’s hiding from you. You can discover that even a small town is far more interesting than it’s shown to be on the map. Never panic but if you start to feel tired, just ask for help. The local people are friendly and they will eager to help a foreigner.

  1. Try travelling alone

10 travel directions to know if you want to be a real traveler

When you are travelling in a group, you may not get the biggest culture shock ever because tourist guides will keep you far from dangerous activities or unpopular sights. But the whole tour is based on someone else’s preferences and tastes, right? So why not try travelling alone? You canget a better understanding of the culture, and you’ll have a chance to choose any destination you like. You will not feel obligated to anyone, and you will not have to stand there and look at the ridiculously strange sculpture everyone in the group just wanted to see so badly. Plus, planning your own trip without an agency can save you a lot of money.

  1. The best things in the world are still available for free

10 travel directions to know if you want to be a real traveler

Take a long walk in the labyrinth of streets, swim in the ocean or climb the mountains. The unforgettable emotions you can get are for free! Visit some park and just sit on the small bench for a while when people playing around. You have maybe paid a lot to get here, so why not enjoy the things that are free of charge?

  1. Use public transportation

10 travel directions to know if you want to be a real traveler

Using public transportation is a popular travel advisor. If you have any doubts on how to behave or what to do, observe the locals and do what they do. Take public transportation to get to your destination, it will be cheaper than taking a taxi and much more rewarding. On your way to somewhere you will have opportunity to meet interesting people and enjoy the sightseeing.

  1. Travel more!

10 travel directions to know if you want to be a real traveler

No matter if you are an experienced traveler or just a tourist newbie that is about to embark upon his or her very first journey, the best thing you can do now is just hit the road. It is the fact that we are living on an amazing planet, full of wonders and mysteries to unravel. If you do not explore the whole world in a lifetime, try by taking your very first step.

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