10 seriously clever tips to help you save money while traveling

We here at Travelling24h have rounded up some of the best tips to save money while traveling when exploring the world.

You can be sure that you do not need to be a millionaire to travel.

  1. Fly into an airport in a neighboring city

Flying into major airports is often much cheaper. Remember this when choosing a flight. For example, if you wanna to visit Nice, it will most likely be cheaper and easier to get a flight to Milan with a low-cost airline and then take the train to Nice.

  1. Search for discount flight tickets

Airlines do offer discounted flights from time to time. So as to keep up to date on bargains offered by airlines, let’s sign up for their newsletters. Another good choice is to consider low-cost budget carriers. But remember that if you are booking low cost flights, then your airline may charge extra fees for meals and luggage. In this case, you can travel light with carry-on luggage only and if you want you can bring some snacks onto the plane yourself. This’s one of the best answers for question ‘how to save money while on vacation’.

  1. Buy a museum card


A museum card is a personal card allowing free entrance to almost of the museums for the duration of some days. They’re available in all major cities of the world. If you wanna visit a lot of museums in a short space of time, with reduced admission fees and shorter waiting lines, one of the cards is definitely worth buying.

  1. The cheapest flights tend to be early in the morning or late at night.

Many people may know this: late-night or early morning flights are less popular, and so that it is cheaper. Moreover, scheduling your flight for that time of day will can help you to spend some more amazing days on the sunny beach, especial your vacation isn’t long.

  1. Install travel apps and online maps on your smartphone


Search for the applications and maps which can be used offline, without the internet connection. These smart apps can even replace a real tour guide sometimes.

  1. Book a secret hotel room

This’s another good option for those who want to save money and are not afraid to experiment. Secret hotel rooms are unsold hotel rooms that are sold at a reduced price, somewhere 30 – 50 percent less than their normal list price. The only catch in the process is that you don’t know upfront which hotel you’re booking the room in. Secret deals like this can be found on the following websites: lastminute.com and hotwire.com

  1. Try the local cuisine without going to an expensive restaurant


Do you want to try the national dishes of the countries you visit? If yes, let’s check hotwire.com for delicious and budget-friendly meals cooked by the locals. This service is the best way for you to meet new friends and try out new cuisines.

  1. Prepare for the trip in advance

If spontaneous travel can be an exciting thing, it’s not the way to save money. In fact, you can keep costs down if you do a little planning in advance. Plan your transfer from the airport, read the reviews of the local restaurants, learn about free museum exhibits — this will all definitely help you reduce your travel-related expenses.

  1. Fortify yourself with a good lunch

How to save money on vacation meals? Cafés and restaurants usually get most of their visitors during dinner time. That’s why many of them offer significant discounts for breakfast and lunch. And keep in mind that: ‘Eat your breakfast alone, share your lunch with a friend, and give your dinner to your enemy.’

  1. Vacation with friends


If you are travelling alone, you can tend to pay 10-50 % more for accommodation. If you head to Asia with 3-4 of your friends and plan to stay there for a long time, the chances are you will be likely to rent a luxurious villa for a small amount of money.

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